Coh Hall

Harmony Total Wellness and Kay Forrester (the instructor) are absolutely amazing! I went there this past Saturday for the 9:30 class, and I wore my apple watch to see what kind of workout I was getting doing hot Yoga. The results were incredible! In a 90 minute class, I burned 978 active calories with a total of 1,152 calories burned during the class. My average heart rate was 146 BPM! Typically, when I lift, my heart rate averages between 115-125. This truly is a great workout, and I would recommend it to anyone! You do not have to know anything about Yoga to appreciate Kay’s class, and I feel confident she will work you as hard as you are willing to work, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert Yogi. Please give Harmony Total Wellness a try!!! You will not regret it!