Our Studio

Our studio at Harmony Total Wellness is designed to make you feel welcome by combining state of the art technology with the look and feel of a spa. Our fully equipped locker rooms have showers, changing areas, and all the amenities you need to prepare before and after class. We invested in high quality mirrors on three walls.  Why? Yoga is a very visual practice and requires that you focus on yourself in the mirrors to help you continuously improve your practice. Students practice on a clean, ergonomically designed, solid yoga flooring which virtually eliminates odors that carpets can retain. Mats and towels are available for sale or rent, so you never have to worry if you aren’t prepared. We also sell top of the line yoga accessories and clothing.

Our Bikram Yoga classes are taught in a room that is safely and therapeutically conditioned to 105 degrees F at 40% humidity. Fresh UV sanitized and filtered air is circulated to provide maximum oxygen intake throughout the 90 minutes. Heat from therapeutic FAR infrared heating panels warms and penetrates the body for maximum benefit. Infrared technology is widely used by physical therapist and allows the air to stay fresh and cooler compared to other conditioned forced air studios.

Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga classes are taught at ambient temperature. Inferno Pilates and  Vinyasa Yoga are taught in a warm environment.

At Harmony Total Wellness, we strive to provide a comfortable, safe, sanitary, and odor-neutral environment for all practitioners.

Studio Photos