New Student

Designed for Everyone!

Our goal is YOUR wellness as derived from a consistent practice in one or a combination of four types of Yoga and/or Pilates, that span in range of intensity. Everyone can enjoy the incredible benefits of a Yoga and/or Pilates practice including weight loss, strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and peace of mind. From adolescents to seniors and from beginners to experts, we have the right Yoga and/or Pilates combination to meet and exceed your wellness goals. We teach Yoga & Pilates in the purest way and although we do offer modifications for physical limitations, we do not modify the Yoga or Pilates methodology to make it easier or more comfortable. Our philosophy is to therapeutically balance the body into the Yoga and/or Pilates practice in order to restore equilibrium into everything that makes up the individual human being.

Who Practices Yoga & Pilates?

Working Professionals, Retirees, Moms and Dads, Athletes, and Students.

Anyone who wants to improve muscle tone or lose weight.

Anyone who wants to burn calories without impacting their joints.

Anyone who wants to improve their range of motion.

Anyone who wants to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Athletes who want to improve their physical stamina and mental focus.

Professionals who want to manage their stress and stay on top of their game.

People with chronic diseases

People who are recovering from illness or injury.

How Intense are the classes?

See the chart below to answer that question.   Even with the most intense Bikram Yoga class, the postures are all beginner series postures.

Bikram Yoga ——High Intensity | 105 degrees | Medium Fan

Inferno Pilates——High Intensity | 90 to 95 degrees | Medium Fan

Vinyasa Yoga——Medium Intensity | 75 to 85 degrees | Medium Fan

Hatha Yoga——Medium Intensity | 75 to 85 degrees | Medium Fan

Yin Yoga ——Low Intensity | 70 to 75 degrees| Medium Fan

Harmony Total Wellness classes are designed to be challenging enough for athletic individuals and yet appropriate for those who have never done Yoga or Pilates, have injuries, or are out of shape. Although popular with young and middle-aged adults, the classes provide tremendous health benefits for even our more mature practitioners! Many people in their 60’s, 70’s, and yes, even 80’s practice Yoga & Pilates regularly. It keeps them looking and feeling young, maintains their vitality, and helps them stay mentally sharp far into life.

New students

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before class to sign up, gear up, and get familiar with the studio environment.

We recommend that you wear comfortable lightweight athletic wear without socks or shoes. Clothing specifically designed for Yoga is available for purchase.

A Yoga mat and large towel are essential for practice, but you may also want to bring a shower towel for use after class. The studio has mats and towels for sale or rent.

Please set up your mat in the back of the room towards the middle so the instructor can see you and you can see more experienced practitioners.


It is very important to be well hydrated before class and to continue hydrating during and after class. Make sure you drink 12 to 16 ounces of water one to two hours before class. During the class, we will have one official water break after the 4th posture. You are then welcome to take water at any time between postures.

Electrolytes are lost when you sweat. If you experience any cramping, dizziness, or fatigue, you are most likely in need of electrolyte replacement. Electrolytes affect the amount of water in your body, the acidity of your blood (pH), your muscle function, and other important processes. Electrolyte supplements and bottled water will be available for sale before and after class. We also have a filtered water bottle refill station. 


It is not recommended to practice on a full stomach however we do suggest a very light protein rich snack or easy to digest fruits a couple of hours before class.