Our Classes


Harmony Total Wellness Bikram Yoga classes are led by a certified instructor that will guide you through 26 perfectly sequenced Hatha Yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises over the course of 90 minutes. The selection and sequence of the postures is key to maximizing the full health benefits of the class. The classes are optimized for beginners yet designed to consistently challenge the seasoned practitioner. Harmony Total Wellness classes are inviting, accepting, and encouraging. The classroom setting is one of focus and tranquility. The teacher guides you every step of the way and helps you safely get into and out of each posture. The teacher gives specific verbal instructions but typically does not demonstrate the postures. Each student concentrates on themselves in the mirror and follows along as best they can with the body they bring into the classroom that day.

Our Bikram Yoga classes are taught in a room that is safely and therapeutically conditioned to 105 degrees F at 40% humidity. Fresh UV sanitized and filtered air is circulated to provide maximum oxygen intake throughout the 90 minutes. Heat from therapeutic FAR infrared heating panels warms and penetrates the body for maximum benefit. Infrared technology is widely used by physical therapist and allows the air to stay fresh and cooler compared to other conditioned forced air studios.

Inferno Pilates and Vinyasa Yoga classes are taught in a warm environment.  Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga classes are taught at ambient temperature.  Students practice on a clean, ergonomically designed, solid Yoga flooring which virtually eliminates odors that carpets can retain.

Our goal is to provide a safe, sanitary, and odor-neutral environment for all practitioners.

What to expect from class

It is best to come to class with no expectations because each time you practice, your experience will be different. Each class gives you an opportunity to reach a new milestone or learn something else about your body. Everyone’s Yoga is unique so there is never judgment, comparison or competition. The only thing required is that you do your best and try the right way!

Why the heat?

The Yoga room is intentionally heated for your safety and well-being. The heat warms your muscles, accelerates your heart rate and makes your body more flexible. This allows practitioners to build and maintain fluid movement without the risk of injury. You receive all the benefits of a cardiovascular workout as high-speed oxygen rich blood nourishes every cell in your body. The body strengthens and rehabilitates more quickly when muscles are warm and circulation is increased.

The heat elevates your metabolism which allows your body to burn fat more easily. It also improves the function of your central nervous system, allowing a more rapid transfer of information from your brain to your spinal cord.

The heat also helps you sweat which is one of the most integral mechanisms for natural rehabilitation. Sweating enables the body to release toxins, metabolic debris, and excess fluid. Your skin is the largest elimination organ in your body, so the more you sweat, the more toxins you release. This effectively reduces the workload of the liver and kidneys.

Bikram Yoga conditions the whole body. It provides natural irrigation of the circulatory system with the help of the respiratory system. This is the secret to great health and why people that do Bikram Yoga rarely get sick and quickly recover from illness or injury.